A Series On Brain Health: Intro

I’ve spent the past few months learning about brain function. My own brain health has been central to my Hashimoto’s health journey, and being an information geek, I decided it was time to study up. I am fascinated by the brain. What I have learned about the brain has enabled me to make enormous progress in my health and well-being. I decided to write a blog series on brain health and how it relates to autoimmunity, so I might share the information with others who might also benefit.

brain regionsA year ago, I would have been incapable of absorbing information like I can now. I was so brain-fogged, I thought my life would never move forward. Now, my brain function is better than it has been in years; I have the ability to learn and focus, I can read detailed articles and absorb the information, I can hold a coherent conversation again, and I have motivation and self-confidence that I haven’t felt in years. The rollercoaster of depression I rode for so long is now more like a walk on a one-lane country road.

I know I have more work in front of me, but the changes I have experienced are profound, and it feels like a miracle. I know my improved state of brain function is due to a few main factors; the Autoimmune Protocol, putting myself back in school (you gotta work a muscle to make it stronger!) and amino acid supplementation. One of my favorite go-to resources is Datis Kharrazian’s book called Why Isn’t My Brain Working? Even with all the great resources online, I feel strongly that having a good book to rifle through is a very valuable tool.

So, what about the brain? There is a lot of terrain to cover, and I will keep it pretty simple. I may geek out from time to time, so humor me! For those of you who are thinking, “Okay, I’d like to know more but I’m too brain fogged to absorb this stuff,” don’t leave this page yet! I know the irony;

  • you have no attention span,
  • your mind has as much grip as a leaf in the wind,
  • and you can barely write a grocery list.

I’ve been there. But you know that to make any changes, you need to learn how to heal. I’ll keep the brain posts pretty simple. It’s up to you. Hang on and don’t ever give up. Stubbornness is your friend!

I hope these articles will help you get a handle on your brain health and inspire you to take the steps you need to regain your brain function. It is possible. It is worth it. The brain is a wondrous place, and we are capable of incredible healing. Click here for the second article in the series.