The Simple Things

I am sitting in my current favorite coffee shop, sipping on homemade coconut milk and drinking water. Don’t worry, the barista got tipped for the water. I bring my own hot drink because caffeine and the other fun drinks and snacks they sell here are off-limits to me.

I sat at home for the past few days. It’s The Grey Season here. That means every time you look out the window, it’s the same time of day. Grey-o’clock. From dawn to dusk, it’s Grey. At about 4:30 it’s Grey thirty, cuz the sun is going down. I moved here from Colorado, land of sun second only to Arizona, and after nearly two years, I still think people who like this weather must have a part of their brain missing. Anyhow, I spent the past two days at home, sitting propped up in my bed, poking at my computer. No, not a cold. It’s that sometimes with Hashi’s, sitting in bed is about all you can handle.

Today I got out of the house just to get my butt out. Fresh air, people doing people on main street things, and besides, you can only watch so many episodes of Fringe before you get nervous in your own house.

So here I am, at a bench table poking at my computer. The reason I wrote this post is simple. I am enjoying the fact that the bench seats were built high for laptop users like me, to improve ergonomics for serial typers: in these bench seats, my feet don’t reach the floor and I get to swing my feet like a kid sitting on a table. Have you done this in your adult life? I highly recommend it. There is something about swinging your feet like Huck Finn on a creaky old dock by the water, that brings a sense of lightness to the heart. I feel like a kid. Sometimes it’s the simple things that remind me to keep my ears, eyes and heart open.