a glass pot of tea on a warmer

Day 36: Setbacks

a glass pot of tea on a warmer

the tea i used to drink… before going off caffeine

Day 36, AIP. That big day yesterday at the climbing gym did a job on my back. An old injury, awakened with too much of pulling myself up overhanging climbs. Arnica is my friend today! Surprised how little the rest of me hurts! Here I sit, propped up in my bed, bloggering away and hoping I will be good to go tomorrow. But the gym seems to think it’s appropriate to be closed on x-mas, so I must wait it out. Pouting achieved. But my back may thank me for two days rest!

How about that AIP diet? Yesterday was a test day for almonds. Frankly I’m not sure how it turned out. I felt funny last night, an all-body ickiness. And I had a headache. Dehydrated, perhaps? I ate chicken twice yesterday, a recent addition to my AIP diet, and I’m suspecting it could have been that. So, back to simple AIP with the things I know I tolerate, and then I retest both of them once this climbing hangover is gone and my body feels normal. Climbing hangover… that sounds lovely to my ears. Okay, back to AIP…

Sometimes the elimination/provocation diet is like this. You think you’re on a roll, and then something surprises you. So you go back to basics till symptoms of food reactions quiet down, and start again where you last knew things were hunky-dory. If I’m learning anything here, it’s definitely patience! Since going on the AIP, I feel so much better physically, I don’t mind taking my time. I’m kind-of amazed at it, because when I started this, I had all this get-go about it, and suddenly I calmed down and accepted the take-it-slow-and-steady nature of it. For so many with Hashimoto’s a busy, rushed, driven lifestyle is in our natures. I wonder about that. Every woman I know with the symptoms common to Hashi’s (don’t know any men with it yet, but they are out there) has been a highly-driven, high-energy person with a passion for life. Makes me wonder…

Off to work at my favorite coffee shop, where I drink only water and tip the baristas anyhow out of used-to-be-barista guilt. I figure it’s what I can do for parking on their bench for a couple hours while I work. It smells good in there, I like the music, and they built their benches high for laptop users like myself.

Happy Holidaze, whatever your tradition!