delicata and acorn squash

Day 41: Coasting

acorn and delicata squashWell, today is a coast day. I introduced lemon two days ago, and my body did some weird stuff, but then I realized I had consumed another item I hadn’t had in a while that I was uncertain of. A bit headachy, and yesterday for the first time since I started the AIP diet, I had a touch of brain fog. So, I’ll wait until my symptoms totally clear, while not eating either food. My patience is thin because I want more variety in my diet, but I really want this process to go clearly, so I continue on with the diet I’ve been on for just over a month. I feel like I need more variety in the veggies I eat, so squash is the next candidate. And I have a beautiful orange Acorn squash (read: very ripe!) and my current favorite, a Delicata squash, sitting pretty on my kitchen counter.

I hate making decisions. It is stressful for me and I tend to put them off, sometimes to the point that the decisions make themselves. In this process of eliminating and reintroducing in foods, I actually find a sense of relief. Some days are reintroduction days. The rest are waiting days, and on those days I know exactly what to eat, and though it’s a small thing in the world of decision-making, I get a sense of space and relief knowing that is one decision I don’t have to make.

As the song goes, “I just want to celebrate another day of living.”